We are an online news analysis and opinion platform built by young students to cater to young minds. Founded in late 2014, IndianFolk became operational in August 2016 and strives to serve as an inclusive platform for young Indians to share their news analysis, opinion and commentary.

The organization is mostly run by youths across different locations in India who continuously strive to make the platform better. The idea is to create a community of young individuals seeking to express themselves and learn from others on the platform.

Do you have an opinion? Or analysis of recent current events? We have the right platform to publish and disseminate your opinion article!

We have an easy-to-use platform for individuals to submit their opinion articles on our website and mobile apps. Just click the Opinion Submission tab on our home page or mobile app, and submit any opinion article in 700-1000 words on any topic. Your article will be reviewed by editors, and will be published on our website and mobile apps within two days of your submission.

Are we any different than social media?

While social media may be good for quick comments and fast exchange of messages, IndianFolk went a step further and built a platform for primarily publishing ‘individual’ and ‘thoughtful’ content by ‘free minds’. In times when social media seems to be dominated by angsty fights and paid news, there is an undeniable need for participatory spaces where people can freely express their ideas and opinions in a thoughtful manner. IndianFolk is a platform that strives to fulfil exactly this need.

Public interest is paramount to our organization

Even though we are established as a private company, we work in the interest of society and public at large. Recently, we have undertaken several social initiatives that impact all Indians. For instance, our flagship sustainability program, ‘More Garden, Less Garbage’ is meant to create high awareness among Indian youth on how to make our environment more green. We have also initiated Anti-Stalking Campaign in different cities recently to educate the youth about the inherent issues and how to bring about a change in certain mindsets. We take pride in saying, “Public Interest Comes First. Business Second.”

Your voice matters. Your opinion matters. Share it with us!

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