An Agent of Chaos? The Truth About Anti Heroes

The antihero embodies a moral grey, an ethos gripping the world markedly post disillusionment of the industrial age. The phenomenon as an apparatus is not new – right from India’s oral tradition springs Karna- the quintessential anti hero – a product of his times and circumstances, misconstrued, flawed and no less immortal – even if denied traditional stature. We have moved in time and sensibility post the Epic age to a postmodern perspective- our fascination with anti heroes however remains steadfast. Sherlock Holmes of the BBC series blithely declares himself not a psychopath but a high – functioning sociopath in his signature deadpan- a man decidedly not heroic but the legend championed for by a legion of fans.

You may view the video at the link below and read the full article by Bipasha Bhowmick under Opinion Column on our home page.

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