Crawling Into The Other’s Skin – Investigating Racism Through ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

#BlackLivesMatter has been resurrecting lived experiences of the United States’ hushed instances of racial disparity and blatant discrimination. Racially charged violence runs deep in the American sentiments, a blemish on the pristine whitewashed American origins. Even post the Civil War period racial segregation, continued to be informally and systematically enforced. White supremacist organisations like the Ku Klux Klan, the Red Shirts and the White League have historically enjoyed massive popular support. In the purview of significantly relevant political spectrum of George Floyd’s terrorizing end, Harper Lee’s ascent to acclaimed literary circuits is arrestingly haunting yet naive – To Kill a Mockingbird explores the sensibilities of a fictional town set in the deep south in a 1930s America still lumbering under the shadow of slavery.

You may view the video on this topic at the link below and read the full article by Bipasha Bhwomick under Opinion column on our home page.

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