Discussing the EVMs—Is It the Need of the Hour?

Every game has a winner and loser and in a few rare occasions a tie takes place as the competing individuals is equally efficient. This is the actuality yet we always have reasons to justify the defeat. The very same thing is happening in Indian politics. If a party loses to another that simply means that the EVMs were tampered but how come the same EVMs were not defective when the results were in the favour of the party who is blaming now. This has become a practice and it is not something new in our country. Few days back in London, a self- proclaimed ‘cyber expert’ was of the opinion that EVMs could be hacked. It could not be used for voting as they could be tampered by the parties but there was not any proof presented.

If mere uttering of words can make an effect then there would not be any requirement of state institutions to carry out their respective functions. Judicial systems would work in a way that anyone who is blamed would be punished and if somebody is killed death sentence would be decided merely on suspicion without the requirement of any proof. Therefore, allegations like these do not add up anything. Initially, ballot papers were used to cast votes and the system proved to be highly inefficient as a large number of powerless illiterate voters were forced to vote for a particular leader and sometimes in order to get this done leaders took advantage of their misery. Incidents of booth capturing were common when ballot papers were in use.

In 2004, EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) came into existence and in subsequent years, the Election Commission introduced the VVPAT (Voter Verified Paper Audit Trial) machines. This was particularly useful when allegations by losing parties were increasing around the EVMs. A paper slip printed with the name of the candidate and the symbol of the party he or she has cast his or her vote for is provided in order to ensure that the process is not corrupted. It is indeed a chance for a voter to verify his or her vote.The Election Commission is one of the most trusted institutions of India and the machines can be accessed only by polling officers and not by the voters or the candidates. There is not any proof that the EVMs used can be tampered according to the Election Commission.

Why do the leaders need such excuses to prove themselves? Technology is not something which can be tampered easily and can be done only by trained technical professionals who are easy to hire. No other alternative technology has been invented that is as efficient as the EVMs. But if we look at alternatives, casting vote using the VVPAT is a best option.This time there is a difference, elections have not happened yet and the Congress is already worried about the EVMs. They are probably trying to create an environment filled with confusion and garner the attention of the public towards this affair.Congress has to keep in mind that it is not the time to organise conspiracy theories around EVMs but rather to work upon its agendas.

Simply visiting Kailash Mansarovar is not enough in order to undo the image Congress party has acquired of pro-Muslims. Rahul Gandhi is managing to remind the people of the unsuccessful attempts of the Modi’s government to provide employment to the youth, loss of income in the informal sector and the issue of agricultural distress in the country. The work is not to remind people of the miseries they are suffering from but how they are going to fight off these existing critical issues if chosen to power. India still has large proportion of people who are illiterate and poor but with advancement in technology. With the reach of videos and ideologies through social media, they are somewhat aware of what to focus upon or what not to, whom to support and whom not to. Voters are not fools and this very action in reality is just a waste of time of the citizens and of the party itself. If there is so much wrong with the EVMs, then why did the blaming party set up this machine at first place? Is it questioning its own decision to bring EVMs into function?

Picture Credits : newsnation

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