Effects of Government Shut Down on Americans

Trump has to realise that a decision which is not accepted by the majority can cause dissatisfaction about his leadership. He is very proud of his decision to shut down the government which he thinks is one of the best alternatives to ensure border security. Most of the Americans are not in favour of this decision from the beginning and those who agreed to it are now hoping that it would end soon. In the US, government shuts down when Congress refuses to pass the appropriation bills appropriating funds to the various government departments and programs or if the President fails to sign the bills. As a consequence of this, various government departments are shut down and the staff other than employees concerned with ensuring national security and public safety is sent on temporary unpaid leave.

The Congress is unwilling to allot $5.6 billion for the construction of the wall and wants Trump to look for alternatives but Trump is being stubborn and is not ready to discuss upon it. He would keep the federal government closed for days and months but will not step back before he sees the wall along the country’s southern border. About 800000 workers are impacted by this. More than half of this number is on unpaid leave and a large proportion of them are working without any pay. Operations in nine federal departments like Homeland Security, Justice etc., has come to a halt and various agencies have become non-operational. Regular inspection of food stores is on hold and the institutes will soon be left with no money if this continues. Federal courts are already out of funds which means that the judicial process will be disturbed leading to pending cases as the courts have no other option but to reschedule the hearing of the cases.

This will result in the suspension of civil cases with shift in the proceedings of criminal cases as there are lesser government judges on work.US citizens who have suffered sexual assault outside US were being provided funds by the US Department of Justice which has been interrupted as the department has been out of money for a week now. The Food and Drug Administration has suspended all inspections as there are fewer officers on duty and this has become a matter of concern for the citizens as they are worried about the unsafe food they are feeding themselves. Business is not carried out the way it is supposed to be done. Food is a daily need and quality check of food articles is prerequisite.Officers at Transport Security Administration who are entrusted with the task of airport security are quitting jobs and this kind of compromise is not beneficial unless the staff which controls the flight traffic will not come into function.

There is waste build up on the roads and in the National parks followed by the government’s shutdown. Research labs are severely affected by the shut down as many federally appointed scientists have stopped working at the labs. NASA is unable to carry out its routine tasks and adding salt to injury is the damage of the Hubble Space Telescope. Tribes of several areas are suffering as the basic services of healthcare and food are not reaching them which was a part of the deal negotiated decades ago in exchange for the Native lands.Trump cannot declare National Emergency as the area around the border is largely inhabited by people and even if Trump gets funds from the Congress, the building of wall will be a complicated process. It can be initiated only after the deconstruction of private property and the government has to provide funds to compensate for the same.

Trump already has an intense competition from the Democrats who took over the US House of representatives in November. He is so much engrossed in his own ideas and is unable to understand that the immigration issue is not only affecting his democratic nation but also the people who chose him. Whether he gets the funds or not is difficult to say as the Congress is not willing to provide it. But the Congress is ready to resolve the immigration issues by other means rather than building the wall as they think that demarcating the boundaries like this is not a reasonable idea. Trump has no other option other than to get authorisation from the Congress to start the construction. The tensions at home can cause uncertainty in the economy of the country when it is already in a trade war with China.

The economy is unable to get reliable data, thus posing challenges for the Feds to decide the variables of the economy like interest rates and it has also become difficult to predict the recovery of the economy. Businesses are affected and God knows when Trump is going to realise that his effort to protect the nation through this act of shutdown has started causing havoc in the country.

Picture Credits : cnbc

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