Gandhi & Lincoln

In light of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, IndianFolk has recently released the book, ‘Gandhi & Lincoln’, authored by the founder of, Mr. Chandrashekar Katipelli. The book walks us through Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln on several aspects of their life including their ideologies on nationhood, liberty, economy and women.

At this point, the book’s publishing, promotional and distribution activities are exclusively managed by  We are currently taking orders on our website at discounted pricing to plan effectively on the copies to printed and shipped. (While the book can also be ordered on Amazon, it may not be discounted as much as on our website.)

– Customers in India may place the order at

– Customers in US and other countries may place the order at

Should you have questions, you may send us an email at [email protected] You may call us +91 7330887731, +91 7330887732 (India) or + 1 703 459 0149 (US and other countries).

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